I believe the Universe speaks to me through book recommendations so I wanted to do the same. Here is an ever growing, evolving, and expanding list of some of my most sacred resources. Honestly, there are hundreds of books I could share, but something happened with humanity when we turned to the written word for TRUTH instead of to the EARTH so read a few that call to you and then just go outside – you’ll find the wisdom there.

– Julia



The Healing Magic of forest bathing: Finding Calm, creativity, and connection in the natural world

I wrote this book, but really it wrote me. It continues to be my teacher and I learn new things every time I read it.


Speaking with Nature: awakening the deep wisdom of the earth

Cowritten by shamanic healer Sandra Ingerman and my own teacher Llyn Cedar Roberts, this book will awaken your nature consciousness and inspire you to see the world in a more magical way.

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Coming back to life

Spiritual activist and deep ecologist Joanna Macy wrote this book so that we can all do The Work That Reconnects. These practices have the ability to transform your life and heal communities and the whole planet.

Secrets of the talking jaguar

Such a fun read and a look into the Mayan way of life. The way Martin Prechtel describes being lost in the forest is everything I ever knew to be true and didn’t quite have the words for.

The way of council

A practical guide for how we can transform through sharing and gathering with intention. Council is such a beautiful and important part of forest bathing.


A magical account of the “ringing cedar trees” and a wild forest woman. It just all feels so true to my bones.

The great work: our way into the future

A rally call if you still need one. The great work of this century is to usher the reconnection to nature — there’s nothing else that matters more.

If women rose rooted

You’re not crazy, you’re not alone, you’re not depressed. You’re simply a wild soul living in the wasteland. This book will show you the way.

Wabi-Sabi — for artists, designers, poets & Philosophers

The notion of wabi-sabi is at the core of forest bathing and finding beauty in all parts of the lifecycle.

Plant spirit medicine

Make friends with plants and they will share everything with you.

The Nature fix

In case you or any of your loved ones needs a primer on why we need to reconnect to nature — Florence Williams lays it all out.

Reclaiming the wild soul

A poetic masterpiece on traversing different landscapes to restore your soul to wholeness.




There are more groups than I’ll ever know that are out there doing amazing work to bring us closer to reconnection to ourselves, our communities, and the planet. This movement is beyond measure. Here are just a few organizations that I admire. There are many more. Please reach out if you know of others that belong on this list!


Buckminster Fuller Institute

Pachamama Alliance

Shamanic Reiki Worldwide

The Work That Reconnects

Tree Sisters

8 Shields