Connecting to nature is a process of becoming both more grounded and more expanded, like a tree that digs its roots in deep and also reaches towards the sun.

This club is emergent and started as a seed of an idea. As we’ve grown upwards, we’ve also strengthened our roots by studying and learning from books, people, experiences, and of course our greatest teacher — Mother Nature.

We do this work because reconnecting to nature as a way to heal ourselves, our communities, and the planet is the most important work of our lifetime. Humankind is at its best when it is in service to Mother Earth and all her creations. We are cells on this Earth and those of us who are tapped in and turned on are the white blood cells, here to restore the planet to harmony. To move towards right relationship with the Earth, we offer her love, presence, respect, and reciprocity.

We are a support network and share nutrients, just like the forest that knows its strength is informed by the strength of the weakest tree. We seek to heal across generations, ethnicities, and faiths. We are all connected. Everything is connected.

Each of us have a medicine to offer to each other and the Earth. It takes a lot of digging and listening to find your true medicine. The big secret is the medicine you offer is the medicine you need. Going out into nature helps you find your true nature.

We are constantly learning from nature, wisdom-keepers, and elders and strive to share what we learn in the most pure and respectful way. We recognize we need to listen as we have a lot to learn and still exist in systems of oppression.

We hold space for growth, and allow it to take however long it needs. There’s enough room for each of wildflower to bloom and realize its full potential. We support radical self-expression. We trust in the cycles and rhythms of nature. Change is the only constant.

Connecting to nature means connecting with your heart, as it’s through your heart that you’re able to communicate with nature. We believe in opening our hearts and restoring them to fullness even if that creates pain and sorrow. Feeling is healing so let the tears flow.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but it can be transformed into new life. We’re here for recreation, restoration, and regeneration. We're in service to Mother Earth. Thanks for joining us on the mission of our lifetime.