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We believe that people who are deeply attuned to the Earth make the greatest entrepreneurs and that before you can know where you're going, you have to know where you stand. Spending time in nature helps you discover your true nature. And once you know that, anything is possible.




Imagine if the Earth had a dream just for you

November 8-12, 2018


We’re communing on sacred lands for three-days and four-nights of forest bathing, truth seeking, community growing, and earth healing.

The combination of forest bathing, mineral hot springs soaking, and sweat lodge sweating will purify and cleanse, the seasonal, high-vibe meals from a local chef will heal you from the inside out, and Mother Earth's medicine will enable you to go forth into your life with hope, clarity, and ease.

Over the course of our time together, you will tap into the subtleties of the universe and hear the messages the Earth wants to tell you. You will dive deep into the ancient teachings of the medicine wheel to uncover the medicine that you are born to offer. You will definitely laugh and you’ll probably cry. You’ll release what no longer serves into the water and ignite your flame under a campfire. You’ll make friendships that feel more like spaceships and enter into the liminal time-space continuum that doesn’t compute with a watch.

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who you are


You might be a member of the slash generation, ie coder/dancer or designer/baker or accountant/reiki healer. You might call yourself a creative or an entrepreneur or you might still be looking for the right words to describe who you are. Perhaps the state of the world makes you anxious, exasperated, or simply so paralyzed that it takes all your might to not just binge watch Netflix or down tequila shots and call it quits. You know that business as usual no longer works and that there’s something more that’s meant for you. Or maybe you’re somewhere along your entrepreneurial journey/spiritual path and working on your own projects but could use some grounding, centering, clarity, and consciousness-boosting to accelerate your growth. Whoever you are, you’re you: open-minded and ready to drop into your heart.



We’ll be on sacred land with breathtaking views of nearby Mount Shasta, a majestic volcano known for its deeply grounding energies. The A frame house, yurt, and glamping sites are on 10 acres of land, just a short walk to the healing baths of the Stewart Mineral Springs.



ENergetic contribution

$850 for Four days and four nights includes:

  • Three organic, vegetarian meals a day plus plenty of high-vibe snacks to keep you going
  • Forest baths, actual mineral hot springs bath, and an optional purification sweat lodge ceremony
  • Guided programming and workshops throughout the weekend
  • Reciprocity for the forest (a percentage is donated to an earth-aligned organization)


You’ll come away with

  • A complete physical, emotional, mental and spiritual recharge
  • A deep sense of connection to yourself, your community, and the planet
  • Your personal map for living your highest truth
  • A set of your own anxiety and stress zappers to integrate into your daily life
  • Souped up clarity around medicine you offer and the role you’re meant to play in the healing of our planet


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Be as honest and real as you're able to here. The deeper you dig, the more you will uncover!
We believe that deep within each person is a wild yearning that will bring you back into integrity with the Earth. What's yours?

Want to talk us first? Email foestbathingclub@gmail.com to set up a time to connect


Energetic Breakdown

To bring transparency to our costs, we wanted to offer an additional breakdown with how we are budgeting for the entire program.  Feel free to reach out if you'd like to know more about the decisions we make to bring you the best possible experience for earth-connection and deep learning.

12 Meals (4x High-Vibe Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners provided by Honey Wine Clay + Snacks = $300/pp

4 Nights Accommodation @ Hestia Magic  = $250/pp

Supplies, Texts + Experience Elements = $100/pp

Sweat Lodge + Hot Springs Spa + Misc Programming = $100/pp

Nature Reciprocity + Covering Staff Costs = $100/pp

Your Total Contribution = $850



With deep gratitude and reverence

We honor all those who have informed this work and the countless others who have gone on this path through the trees into the universe before us, especially: Joanna Macy (The Work That Reconnects), Amos Clifford (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Training Programs), Mark Morey (The Art of Mentoring), Llyn Cedar Roberts (Shamanic Reiki Worldwide), Ryan Allis (Hive) and Lynne Twist (The Soul of Money Institute).